Welcome to H A T C H.

life is all about change, how we handle it, the tools we acquire, the journey. coping, life, personal space- its all a part of figuring out how we want to be in the world and who we are in it. and to top it off, this is always changing.

H A T C H  is formerly from Maine to Melrose. just as life changes us, we move with those changes. and so this blog has changed as well.

im a stylist and psychic intuitive who has relocated to california after being away for 3 years. i got married, left my corporate job and am back, free, making my way in a city i know, learning about it all over again…one rambling blog post at a time.


a lifelong seeker, ive returned to life in Los Angeles,

working as a personal assistant and clairvoyant reader, she blends humor, honesty and  compassion as she shares her life.

Astrologer. Joke cracker. Wife. Pug mother. Always searching for the unobserved..

note: readings are by appointment only. i book about one week in advance to the reading date. please contact me for the how’s and when’s.